A selection of my creative output so far.

Javascript In-Depth Course ( Khóa học Javascript Chuyên Sâu ) (8/2017)

Khóa học Javascript Chuyên Sâu ( Javascript In-Depth ) is available on Udemy. It helps student understand the weird parts of Javascript and why Javascript works the way it is. It also covers the latest features of ES6/ES7.

I built this course after learning from countless resources and researching deeply about Javascript.

I’ve built this course that I would have wanted to take when I was learning Javascript.

Check it out at:


Job Finder ( 6/2017 )

Find job easily with 3 simple steps:
1. Search job by location or region.
2. Swipe right to save the job.
3. Apply and get ready to work!

Download link:


Elite Condos ( 2017-present )

A Uber for home services app. It connects supplier with home owners. There are two apps separately.

Elite Condos


https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/elite-condos-supplier/id1227582001? mt=8

California Bar Essay Drills ( 4/2017 )

A ‘quiz’ app that helps lawyers pass the examination. This app focuses on strengthening the ESSAY portion of the California Bar Examination.


Lawyer Now ( 1/2017 )

An app allows users to find a lawyer quickly base on answering quizzes and user’s location.


Map Editor on Mac ( 9/2016 )

This app has a tons of bugs. I wrote it when I learned Swift. I wanted to apply Swift’s syntax and build something useful. Because Map Editor was required in Introduction to Game Development class at my college. Most of my friends used C# and Java.

Online Courses ( 8/2015 – 2/2016 )

My motto is “Sharing is learning”. I public free and paid online courses on Udemy:

  •  Object Oriented with C++
  •  Unity game development

I teach thousand of people how to code and got hundreds of 5-star reviews


Gia Sư Việt – Tutor Finder ( 8/2015 )

This app isn’t available now.

But, it is the first app I public to the store. At that time, I didn’t know Android programming, so I used a drag and drop app builder to create this app. One lesson I learned from it: “Fake it until you make it”




It begins… ( 8/2014 )

I learned programming at college. The journey started!