The reading, learning journey

I’m Khoa – a Vietnamese student.

im here

My major is Computer Engineering, however; I never take a class in Computer Engineering. I register some classes in Software Engineering because I like the thing that can be visualized rapidly like creating a mobile app. You can share it with your friends quickly. So, that’s why I’d like to use a mind map to learn and brainstorm my ideas.

Since August 2014, I started to reading books because I had more free time after the university exam.

Luckily, I fall in love with books. I’m learnaholic and bookaholic. I’ve read over 50 books a year since there. I keep practicing to increase this number.

I learn a lot from books and online courses. Most of books I read are self-help books: motivation, goal setting, focus, self-discipline, habit, moring routines, willpower, productivity, decision making,

I also read the book about the human brain, psychology, and human behavior.

I also read the book about the economy, startup, team working, leadership, marketing, innovation, ideas forming. Because my dream and goal are to be a young entrepreneur. So, I’m sorry for forgetting introducing my age. I’m 20. It is calculated when I write this about me page ( on July 12, 2016)

I also read the fiction book. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games. Like other boys, I love the adventure stories which the main characters always face up with many obstacles and always win 🙂

I also love to learn from online courses. Most of the courses I take are about programming and software development. I built some mobile apps and mini-games. Last year, I created an app named Tutor Finder – a social network for students and tutors. It’s just a side project when I’m learning. Oh, It’s available on Google Play Store, you can download it, but the language is Vietnamese.

Sharing is learning

I learn a lot, why don’t I write blogs and create courses to share to others. I can kill to birds with one stone.

When I want to share knowledge to others by blog posts or videos, I have to research a lot, summary the important points and spend the countless time presenting my idea. You know, it can easy to learn something new, but it’s absolutely difficult to teach it to others. I don’t want to be criticized by creating spam and trash content.

I spend hundreds of hours to train myself to create educational courses and free videos. One of my courses named Object Oriented Programming with C++ is available for free on (Udemy is a famous platform of online courses). This course is build with Vietnamese. Up to now, I’ve got over thousand of student with hundreds of good reviews.

about me - my courses

My courses on

The bottom line is that I realized I have the ability to teach others. No.

I have an ability to learn. Because teaching and coaching are like the normal skills. And we can learn them like we learn to speak, walk, read, eat. The more you teach, the more you learn. Last year, it took me one hour to write a 200 words Vietnamese post. One year later, I can write 2000-words posts with the same effort. Practicing makes senses.

Go global

Why don’t I share knowledge in English? I can reach more readers and watchers. I can kill 3 birds with one stone: learn new knowledge, sharing knowledge, improve English and bring my writing skill to next level. Huh, 4 birds already! There are more benefits by creating stuff in English. I know it will take a lot more time and effort to use English fluently like Vietnamese. But I’d like to challenge myself again.
It took me one year to have the ability to write blog posts and create courses in Vietnamese. Perhaps I have to spend 2 or more years to get the same level in English. However, I accept this challenge.
If there is an alien language, I will learn it too.